Our work

RZZT’s work involves three areas related to free and open-source software (‘FOSS’):

  • financing the development of FOSS projects that respect, protect or fulfil human rights and civil liberties;
  • promoting and providing free education about FOSS; and
  • giving out awards in recognition of excellence in FOSS and open culture.

Financing projects

RZZT pools funds from a variety of sources and uses that money to secure contracts with developers to work on FOSS that respects, protects and fulfils human rights and civil liberties.

We are particularly interested in software that assists in the realisation of economic rights such as the right to work, the right to education and the right to food, and software that protects privacy and freedom of expression.

Promoting FOSS and free education

The second part of RZZT’s mission is to promote the use of FOSS generally, whether that be in homes, businesses or government, and to provide educational materials about the benefits of FOSS and what options are available as alternatives to common software.


RZZT’s final role is to recognise significant contributions to FOSS and open culture. There are many individuals and groups creating great software and other content, and RZZT believes in acknowledging them for their work.