Members are entitled to call and vote at general meetings and to elect the Directors, among other entitlements in the Company’s Articles of Association and British company law.

All members of the Company are guarantors, which are similar to shareholders, except:

  • each member has only one vote;
  • members do not own shares and do not receive dividends or profits; and
  • members have a total liability of £1 if the Company is liquidated.

Membership is open to all individuals except those who have been convicted convicted of, or are currently awaiting trial for, a criminal offence in any jurisdiction that is liable to a penalty of 12 months imprisonment.

All persons applying for membership must have their application seconded (‘endorsed’) by a current member of the Company.

Individuals may apply to become a member of RZZT CIC by filling in the membership application form (PDF). The form may be filled in and signed electronically or by hand. Please return the form by email to the Company Secretary at

Applications will be reviewed and determined in accordance with the membership application processing policy.