RZZT is governed by three Directors who are elected by the members. The Directors make decisions affecting all aspects of the Company. Most of the routine day-to-day administrative tasks are carried out by the Company Secretary, who is appointed by the Directors.

Matthew Ferrero
Matt is studying for an associate degree majoring in aerospace engineering at Broward College, Florida. His hobbies include electronics, amateur radio, amateur chemistry, and beach activities. He volunteers for the Red Cross and is a strong advocate of equal human rights.
Akhilesh Jamdar
Akhilesh is a lawyer and graduate of the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor of Legal Studies/Bachelor of Laws. His hobbies include playing chess, reading books and investing.
Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
Director and Company Secretary
Mozart is a lawyer and a former digital rights activist based in Sydney, with experience in public policy and public relations. He has degrees in music, law and legal practice. His hobbies include coding, watching Formula One, and photography.