General meeting: 9 February 2019

Dear members of RZZT CIC,

Please be advised that the Company will hold a general meeting online via IRC on Saturday 9 February 2019 at 07:00 UTC (see below for time zone conversions).

The meeting is open to all members of the Company.

As with all Company meetings, it will be held in the channel #RZZT-meetings on Please contact if you need assistance in accessing that channel.

At the general meeting members will vote on eight (8) special resolutions to amend the Company’s Articles of Association, and elect one (1) Director following the resignation of Víctor Rincones Rodriguez, which will take effect on Monday 11 February 2019.

The list of special resolutions being proposed is available here (PDF) and on GitHub. Nominations and voting for the vacant directorship shall be made at the meeting.

Members may appoint a proxy to vote or nominate on their behalf if they are unable to attend the meeting, and may instruct the proxy regarding how they wish to vote. If you wish to do this, please complete the proxy appointment form (PDF) and email it to The Company Secretary (myself) is willing to act as proxy for any member who cannot attend. If you have difficulty completing the form, you may instead email the details to

After each special resolution is formally proposed, members will be asked to respond with ‘aye’, ‘nay’ or ‘abstain’. The Chair of the meeting shall duly close the vote and declare the result.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, if there is more than one nomination for the vacant directorship each member will be asked to list each nominee from most preferred to least preferred. The Chair of the meeting shall duly close the vote and determine and declare the result.

If you have any questions about the formal or procedural aspects of the meeting, please contact, or ask in #general on the Company’s Discord server.

The meeting will be held at the following times (all on 9 February 2019).

  • 02:00 United States Eastern Standard Time
  • 07:00 British Standard Time (UTC)
  • 08:00 Central European Time
  • 12:30 Indian Standard Time
  • 18:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • 20:00 New Zealand Daylight Time