Welcome to RZZT!

Funding empowering open-source projects

RZZT funds the development of free and open-source software (FOSS) projects that respect, protect and fulfill human rights and civil liberties. RZZT is especially focused on projects that encourage empower their users in terms of economics, expression and privacy.

Recognising excellence

In addition to funding FOSS projects, RZZT also recognises outstanding projects and individuals who make valuable contributions to free and open culture. RZZT distributes non-monetary awards to such projects and individuals in recognition of their valuable contributions.

FOSS education

Part of RZZT's mission is to educate the public about the benefits of free and open-source software, and the many existing high-quality alternatives to closed-source software. RZZT believes that increased interest and usage of open-source software will improve the quality of existing software and intensify demand for new developments.

Raising and spending money

RZZT raises funds primarily through donations, and is exploring additional sources of revenue such as grants and sponsorships. Revenue is pooled together so that developers can be hired by RZZT to work on projects.

FOSS projects often fail because they lack consistent and guaranteed work and funding. RZZT ensures that developers and contributors are paid to work on FOSS projects, instead of simply volunteering. This allows them to focus on creating great software without worrying about their bank balances.

Transparent and accountable

RZZT is committed to corporate transparency and accountability. As such, we publish as many of our company records as possible online, including our financial accounts and minutes of all meetings and decisions. We want RZZT to be a name associated with trust and integrity.

RZZT also strives to keep administrative costs to a minimum, so that we can maximise the funds available for development. As a result, we have no full-time staff and are entirely operated by three elected Directors and a Company Secretary, who do not receive remuneration besides essential administrative expenses.

A community interest company — literally

RZZT is incorporated as a community interest company in the United Kingdom. Our Articles of Association require us to use any surplus income or assets for the benefit of the community. RZZT has no shareholders, only members who have an equal voting right and who do not receive dividends or assets if the company was wound up.