22 June 2018

Minutes of Directors' meeting


Introductory matters

The Directors of RZZT CIC met online via IRC on Friday 22 June 2018 at 02:35 UTC±0.

Directors in attendance were:

  • Matthew Ferrero
  • Akhilesh Jamdar
  • Victor Rincones Rodriguez

Also present was Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer (the Company Secretary).

Quorum was satisfied in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Matthew Ferrero was duly appointed chair of the meeting.

The Directors confirmed that the required period of notice for the meeting was met.

Development contracts

  • The Directors acknowledged Victor’s conflict of interest on this matter.
  • Matthew and Akhilesh expressed that the Company would like to renew its contract with Victor to develop Taskhive.
  • Victor expressed that, in his capacity as a contractor, he would like to renew his contract with the Company.
  • The Directors decided that the Company shall wait until USD $5,000 have accumulated in liquid assets of the Company before renewing or entering into another development contract.

Registered office renewal

  • The Company Secretary reminded the Directors that the Company’s registered office and scan and email services are due for renewal on 7 July 2018.
  • The Company Secretary also reminded the Directors that there had been talk of adding a business address service for receiving business mail.
  • The total cost is estimated as GBP £115, consisting of £30 (registered office), £40 (scan and email), and £45 (business address) per https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/officeservices.
  • The Directors decided to authorise the Company Secretary to renew the Company’s registered office and scan and email service, and to add a business address service for receiving non-government mail, when the Company’s current services expire.’

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Friday 29 June 2018 at 02:00 UTC±0.

Close of meeting

The meeting was closed at 03:11 UTC±0.