The Directors may establish committees from time-to-time to manage various aspects of the Company, perform specific tasks and functions, assist the Directors on certain matters, and conduct research on important issues. There are currently two committees: the Funding Committee, and the Public Relations and Marketing Committee.

Committee membership

Both committees consist of:

  • a Director appointed by the Directors;
  • the Company Secretary; and
  • other persons appointed by the Directors.

The Director appointed to a committee leads that committee, and provides regular updates and reports to the other Directors on the committee’s activities and progress. As leader of the committee, they take the title ‘Funding Officer’ or ‘Public Relations and Marketing Officer’.

The Company Secretary is an ex officio member of both committees so that the committees have the same level of administrative support and advice as the Directors. The Company Secretary also ensures that the committees do not exceed the authority delegated to them by the Directors.

Other persons are appointed to committees by the Directors after consideration of their skills and expertise.

Terms of reference

Committees are established by terms of reference that is usually drafted by at the direction of the Directors, in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association. The terms of reference set out matters including the name and purpose, duration, membership, leadership, powers and responsibilities, decision-making procedures, record-keeping requirements, budgetary matters, communication procedures, and reporting requirements of the committee. They may also include other matters as deemed necessary by the Directors.

The terms of reference for each committee is available below:

Funding Committee Terms of Reference
Public Relations and Marketing Committee Terms of Reference